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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here are a few pictures that kind of highlight our year. We've
had a good year with lots of fun and challenges. We look forward to
2010 and the blessings it will hold.
This one of the pictures Morgan used in her Reflections
Program entry. The theme was Beauty Is... and she chose childhood.

Yes, Tater is being held down against his will. Happens all the time.
I don't know what Grace ate but it sure was pink.

One September 30th, Ashlynn fell off the monkey bars at a
neighborhood park and broke both bones in her arm, just
below the wrist(towards the elbow). We had to
take her to Primary Children's Hospital where they
put her to sleep and mangeled her arm(to get it back in place) in such a way
that I thought it looked just like Harry Potter when his arm was boneless. After
five weeks in a cast she is as good as new. She was such a trooper and
didn't shed one tear. I think she was in shock and couldn't cry. But I always knew
it would be Ashlynn who would have the first broken limb.
Sorry don't know how to rotate picture

We went to a Real Soccer game and it was awesome.
Now they are the champs and what a final game it was.
Jack went to a candy factory at the end of last school year.
It was fun and he looked so cute in his net cap.

Morgan was taking pictures for a reflections program at school
and told Ashlynn to pose and this is what she gave her.
We decided not to use this picture but regardless, Morgan won 3rd place in
Photography for her age group.
Again don't like to post. Thus the lack of knowledge on how to turn pics.
Our dog Tater Tot has gotten big and is the heart of the home.
Yes, I think he gets more attention than me. He is a trooper
with all the handeling he gets

We had fun at Taylorsville Dayzz and their carvinal.
We went crazy on the rides and had a blast.

We got a new front door. Yeah! Our old one was horrible and
this one is so nice and quiet.

Morgan is modeling with Mrs. Potato Head earings
Isn't she beautiful?

I found an extra toy floating in the tub. It was so
cute and lifelike that I decided to take a picture of it.

This is one of Ashlynn's pictures we took to put on her
baptism invitation. Isn't she cute?

So can you tell I don't enjoy blogging? We don't do anything to exciting around here so I guess I think that nothing in my life is blog worthy. It's probably been over a year since I last blogged so there is quite a bit to catch up on. I started online classes at SLCC in August. I took Math (the easiest one) and History. I am taking both finals this week. Wish me luck. I have enjoyed making my brain work and it has been nice to have something to take me away from every day life. I did have a job working for the Health Dept as a breastfeeding counselor but that only lasted a couple of months due to the fact that they could only offer me 3-4 hours a week and at bad hours. So I got a job at a grocery store (Macey's) and so far I really like it. It's work. They have also cut back hours due to the economy as well. But it's all good.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is our new dog. His name is Tater Tot. He is a lot of fun and is very well behaved. The kids tend to love him too much and have been grounded from holding Tater at times. He loves Charlie our big Lab and wants to wrestle with him all the time. Charlie is getting old and likes his naps and Tater gets growled at a lot for trying to wake him. Some of you may think I am stupid for having two dogs but I love them and "no, they are not treated like my kids". The dogs get to sleep inside. Hee hee.

This is what our dog Charlie did to our house. He doesn't like to be left alone and our siding was very brittle being 30 years old. We were inches away from getting rid of him. But we do love him and fixed our siding. We were stupid enough to get another dog and guess what, he is so much more well behaved now that he has a companion. Don't let your dogs get bored.

Easter pics (better late than never)

I love getting new church clothes for my kids for Easter. It is the only time of year that they do. Jack got his first suit and he looks so handsome in it. Grace's dress came from my Aunt Lisa and she loved wearing it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We went to the zoo again this month. We did things this time that we missed out on last time. Here is Jack and Ashlynn in the tunnel.

Here are the arachnid lovers.

In an egg. This pic was actually really hard to take because they couldn't keep themselves from sliding into each other due to the curved and slippery sides. It was pretty funny.

We rode the train this time. It is a very short ride and a little disappointing but a train nonetheless. Doesn't Nate look thrilled to be there.

We also were able to see the bird show. Which was amazing. We had so much fun. The birds are so well trained and fly so close to your head. Nate got touched in the cheek by one of the hawks. It was crazy. The kids loved it. Here we are posed next to a huge bald eagle.

Grandma Dianne,
You better miss this one. You might not live through it.

I wanted Jack and Grace to close their eyes and pretend they were asleep. This is Grace's hilarious attempt at doing so. HEE HEE!